The best beach in Koh Rong is located on the western side of the island and spans 7 kilometers, nearly deserted, with stunning white sand. At the northern end is the settlement of Sok San, which includes a number of basic guesthouses and local restaurants.

The seven kilometers of the beach are essentially seven kilometers of uninterrupted white sand beach, with Sok San Port at its northern end, encircled by a few stores and eateries. Due to their diligent maintenance of their exclusive waterfront, Sok San Resort, Royal Sands, and Long Beach Resort have the nicest beachfronts. Odd trash that is left behind or washes up on the shore can accumulate in other areas of the beach.

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Admire the beautiful scenery of Sok San BeachAdmire the beautiful scenery of Sok San Beach

Best time to visit Sok San Beach

In terms of quality, the rainy season (May to October) can cause the water to get choppy, making certain days unsuitable for swimming. September and October are the wettest months, and while it usually only rains for two hours at a time, it does so heavily and frequently on most days. Nevertheless, the water's temperature (about 27–34 celcius) remains quite stable throughout the year. Typhoon-related high tides can erode the beach, but it usually bounces back fast.

How to get to Sok San Beach

Taking the ferry from Sihanoukville at Serendipity Pier will deliver you to Sok San beach. The trip takes 45 to 90 minutes. It costs about $11 each way.

The ferry companies that are suggested are Angkor Speed Ferry, Buva Sea, Island Speed Boat Cambodia, Speed Ferry Cambodia, and GTVC. The end point of all ferries is Koh Toch on Koh Kong Island. You can travel to Sok San Beach from there via shuttle boat, which costs $6. 

What to do at Sok San Beach

Sok San Village provides lodging in all price categories, in contrast to neighboring villages. It's difficult to locate the basic facilities fast in other communities, and there are plenty of inexpensive dining alternatives and businesses as well.

Rest and relax by the beautiful beachRest and relax by the beautiful beach

Group tours are available to Sok San Village, which is reached from Koh Rong through the fishing homes and onto the greatest beaches. Just after the rainy season, a waterfall behind the settlement appears stunning. The most well-liked beach in the region is Sok San Beach, which is well-known for deep-sea diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and its white sand shoreline that provides breathtaking sunset views.

As an alternative, you can go down the beach to one of the upscale resorts and take use of their restaurants, bars, spas, and massages.

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In conclusion, if you are looking for a place to rest and relax your mind, San Sok Beach is a great choice for you. Not only that, the experiences at San Sok - Koh Rong are guaranteed to be unforgettable memories in your life!