Coconut Beach is a reasonably remote beach close to Koh Rong island's westernmost point. For those who want to unwind in seclusion and near nature, the innumerable tropical forest trees that encircle the silky white sand and emerald-green water are particularly pleasing to the eye. For those who wish to have their own quiet sea and sky, this is the best location, whether they are traveling with family or as a couple. Let’s explore this beauty of Koh Rong with Asia King Travel!

Immerse yourself in the green nature at Koh RongImmerse yourself in the green nature at Koh Rong

What to do at Coconut Beach

Enjoy the beach

Naturally, relaxing and taking in the beach's beauty is among the top activities on Coconut Beach. Although it's not one of South East Asia's most well-known beaches, Coconut Beach is a nice little stretch of sand with lots of room to lounge and enjoy the shade of the palm trees. It is a truly tropical beach that is ideal for leisurely travel. 

Admire glowing plankton

Coconut Beach is one of the best locations to witness the luminous plankton that surrounds Koh Rong during specific times of the month. You can take a boat tour to see them if you stay at Coconut Beach Bungalows (it departs at 4am); other lodging options might also do this, or you can ask your receptionist where to make a reservation.  

Go hiking

The rainforest on Koh Rong can be explored on foot or with a guide; if you want to trek alone, just be mindful that the area is home to various wildlife, including snakes. A guided tour with pickup from Coconut Beach is another option. With this option, you can take your time and enjoy the trip more comfortably, knowing that you won't be entering a dangerous snake pit at any moment. 

Go snorkeling

You can take a snorkeling excursion around Koh Rong, departing from Coconut Beach and returning there. This will make it possible for you to see the island's best marine life and return to your lodging without any hassles! These snorkel tours are advertised on a few posters located around Coconut Beach.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Coconut Beach - Koh RongEnjoy the beautiful scenery of Coconut Beach - Koh Rong

What to eat at Coconut Beach

Koh Rong is lined with eateries that serve a combination of Western cuisine and Khmer specialties. You can try spicy Cambodian soup, but there are also many options to order Western dishes and, of course, fresh juices.

  • CocoHut offers Western dishes and curries.
  • Coconut Beach Bungalows’ restaurant is also excellent and reasonably priced.

How to get to Coconut Beach

You must first travel to Sihanoukville and then, and promptly, depart from Sihanoukville.  Sihanoukville is accessible from Bangkok, Kampot, and Phnom Penh. 

You can buy a ticket at one of the stores and ride a boat to Coconut Beach from Sihanoukville. Although the majority of the boats are priced similarly, our service will set you up with a meeting partner at the other end.

What you should know about Coconut Beach

Remember that this is not a place where you can get cash. Although there aren't any ATMs on Koh Rong, certain stores in Koh Touch will give you cash back. But, purchasing USD in Sihanoukville is preferable.

This is a dengue-affected location with lots of mosquitoes. Though still uncommon, dengue should not be allowed to spoil your vacation; it is something to be aware of.

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