How to book a Ha Long Bay cruise?

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How to book a cruise in Ha Long Bay is always the first question that arises when traveling to Ha Long. Let's find the answer with Asia King Travel.

Choosing the best Ha Long Bay cruise can significantly impact your experience at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this article, let's discovery everything you should know before booking a cruise with Asia King Travel!

1. Why should you book a Ha Long Bay cruise?

A Halong Bay cruise is a popular and enchanting way to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Halong Bay in northern Vietnam

Taking a cruise is a must-do activity in Ha Long Bay

Booking a Ha Long Bay cruise unlocks a gateway to a mesmerizing world of towering limestone karsts, emerald waters, and unique cultural encounters. From kayaking and cave exploration to indulgent luxury or budget-friendly options, the cruise caters to various preferences. The convenience of an all-in-one package eliminates logistical concerns, allowing travelers to focus on enjoying the diverse activities and stunning vistas. With the charm from natural beauty, a Ha Long Bay cruise promises an unforgettable blend of adventure and relaxation in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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2. How to book Ha Long Bay cruise?

2.1. Determine the journey length

Ha Long Bay is recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage

Ha Long Bay is recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritag

When booking a Ha Long Bay cruise, one crucial factor to consider is the journey length. Decide whether you prefer a day trip to experience the highlights or a multi-day cruise for a more in-depth exploration. The duration of your cruise will impact the range of activities you can engage in and the depth of your immersion into the beauty and culture of Ha Long Bay. Consider your schedule, preferences, and the experiences you wish to prioritize when determining the journey length for your cruise.

2.2. Date and time

Make sure to carefully check the departure and arrival times and dates of your cruise package. You don't want to miss the departure time of your cruise because you haven't planned accordingly, such as a transportation delay at the airport.

The same goes for your arrival time at the port, as you don't want to miss another scheduled event or rush back in time for your return flight. Some experts suggest being in the port city the day before the cruise departure to ensure you can embark on your boat excursion on time

2.3. Choose the place you want to visit by cruise

Check the cruise itinerary to ensure it covers the places and activities you're interested in, such as caves, fishing villages, or scenic viewpoints

Plan your itinerary before booking

When selecting a Ha Long Bay cruise, it's essential to consider the specific places you want to visit during your journey. Ha Long Bay is dotted with numerous attractions, including stunning caves, floating fishing villages, and breathtaking viewpoints. Review the cruise itineraries to ensure they cover the locations and activities you are most interested in. Whether you're drawn to cave exploration, cultural visits to fishing villages, or panoramic views from scenic spots, choosing a cruise that aligns with your preferred destinations will enhance your overall experience in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2.4. Types of itineraries

When looking for a cruise itinerary in Ha Long Bay, there are various types to consider. 

Day Cruise: A short trip focused on main attractions like caves and famous landmarks, usually lasting for a single day.

2 Days 1 Night or 3 Days 2 Nights Cruise: Provides more time to explore famous destinations and engage in activities such as kayaking, visiting fishing villages, and exploring caves.

Luxury Cruise: For those seeking a high-end experience, luxury cruises offer upscale accommodations, excellent cuisine, and luxurious amenities.

Mid-Range Cruise: Ideal for those looking for a comfortable cruise without the high price tag, offering good services and accommodations.

Adventure Cruise: Offers adventurous activities like rock climbing, exploring lesser-known caves, and other discovery-focused experiences.

Family Cruise: Tailored for families, these cruises typically include activities suitable for children and offer family-friendly amenities.

Overnight Cruise on Ha Long Bay: Allows you to experience both sunset and sunrise on Ha Long Bay, enjoying the serene atmosphere as the cruise stays overnight.

2.5. Read reviews

When using these websites, consider reading multiple reviews to get a balanced understanding of the experiences shared by different travelers

Tripadvisor is one of the reliable websites to read reviews

Before booking a Ha Long Bay cruise, read reviews to ensure satisfaction. Look for overall contentment, pay attention to experiences matching your interests, and assess service quality, accommodation, and cleanliness feedback. Evaluate comments on activities, itinerary, and onboard meals. Check if the cruise offers scenic views of Ha Long Bay, consider value for money, and assess crowd levels. Investigate safety measures and environmental responsibility. Reviews provide insights, helping you make an informed decision for a memorable Ha Long Bay cruise. Some review websites you can refer to: TripAdvisor, Google Reviews,, Expedia, Travel Blogs

2.6. Choose a reputable unit

Choosing a reputable cruise operator for your Ha Long Bay experience is crucial. Start by reading reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor and Google, focusing on overall customer satisfaction. Investigate the operator's background, considering factors like industry reputation and awards. Ensure they prioritize safety and environmental responsibility if it aligns with your values. Seek recommendations and contact the company directly for transparency. Verify inclusions and terms, and be cautious of red flags. Comparing options helps identify operators that exceed industry standards for a reliable and enjoyable Ha Long Bay cruise.

3. Questions you should ask the agency when booking

There are several questions to ask when booking your cruise.

  • What activities are available on your cruise? (This can change with the seasons, so it's a good idea to specify when you plan to visit, especially if it's more than a few weeks away.)
  • Do you offer any extras?
  • What are your meal options?
  • Do your itineraries sometimes change during a trip?
  • Are your departures or arrivals sometimes delayed?
  • What is your refund policy if a trip needs to be canceled due to weather or any other reason?
  • What safety measures are in place?

Any questions you can think of should be asked based on your personal situation.

Getting answers to these questions can help enhance your cruise in Ha Long Bay. You'll know what you're getting into in case of any issues, and you'll feel more confident about your journey.

4. Expected budget

Determine your budget and explore cruise options that align with it, considering factors like accommodation type and additional inclusions

The cost of your cruise around Ha Long Bay will vary widely

The amount you will pay for your cruise around Ha Long Bay will differ for various reasons. A one-night luxury cruise will cost you around $220 USD. Mid-range overnight cruises range between $110 and $130 USD. If you are looking for an economical cruise, you can find day trips that cost around $60 USD.

Even if you plan to book your cruise upon arrival in the region, feel free to make online comparisons. It's an excellent way to check the price range of a cruise in Ha Long Bay online and give you a good idea of what to expect to pay for your trip. Don't hesitate to use it to get a good deal.

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Before booking a cruise, carefully review the details of the itinerary, including stops, activities, and included services, to ensure it aligns with your preferences and expectations. Reading reviews from previous travelers can also provide insights into their experiences and help you make an informed decision. Above is the guide on how to book a cruise in Ha Long Bay. We have listed everything you should know before making a decision. Hopefully, this will be helpful in your journey to explore Vietnam. Feel free to contact the Asia King Travel team for the best assistance.

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