7-Day Foodtour in Bangkok – A Culinary Adventure

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Bangkok is an ideal destination for a 7-day food tour for a myriad of reasons, from its diverse and vibrant culinary landscape to its rich cultural heritage

Bangkok, Thailand's vibrant metropolis, is a fusion of flavors, smells, and textures. From bustling street markets to premium dining experiences, this city has something for everyone's taste. On this 7-day food trip, we'll discover the finest of Bangkok's culinary scene, from famous street cuisine to hidden gems. Grab your chopsticks and let's go with Asia King Travel!

Why should we choose Bangkok for a 7-day foodtour?

Bangkok's diversified gastronomic environment, bustling street food culture, and rich legacy make it an appealing destination for a 7-day food trip. The city is well-known for its lively food markets, such as Or Tor Kor and Chatuchak, which provide a bewildering assortment of tasty and reasonably priced foods ranging from pad thai and mango sticky rice to grilled fish and fragrant curries. 

Aside from street food, Bangkok has a vibrant fine-dining scene, with internationally renowned restaurants such as Gaggan Anand and Nahm serving unique interpretations on traditional Thai cuisine.  Another draw of Bangkok is its diverse food, which includes both foreign and local Thai fare. 

Why should we choose Bangkok for a 7-day foodtour?

Why should we choose Bangkok for a 7-day foodtour?

This cultural melting pot is easily navigable thanks to an excellent transit system, which allows tourists to explore different districts and feel the city's distinct spirit. Furthermore, Bangkok's cost makes it an appealing destination for foodies, allowing you to indulge in a variety of gastronomic delights without breaking the budget. 

Whether you're taking Thai cooking courses, savoring a riverfront seafood feast, or sampling street food delights, Bangkok provides a rich and fascinating cuisine tour that encapsulates the spirit of Thai culture and hospitality.

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Day 1: Street Food spectacular

Begin your cuisine trip by visiting Bangkok's Chinatown, known as Yaowarat Road. This busy area is crowded with merchants serving an incredible variety of street cuisine.

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

China Town - Yaowarat Road

Start with a plate of pad thai, a Thai favorite prepared with stir-fried noodles, shrimp, tofu, and tamarind sauce. Serve with grilled satay skewers and a refreshing glass of nom yen (a pink-colored sweet drink made with milk and sugar).

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Pad Thai

Later in the day, head to Soi 38, a night market noted for its street cuisine. For dessert, try khao niao mamuang (mango sticky rice), followed by a bowl of boat noodles, a substantial soup made with pork or beef, rice noodles, and fresh herbs.

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Day 2: Exploring Local Markets

Visit the Or Tor Kor Market, one of Bangkok's most popular fresh marketplaces. Begin with som tum (green papaya salad), a sour and spicy meal ideal for breakfast. Walk around the market to see the beautiful fruits, veggies, and seafood. Don't miss out on durian, the fabled "king of fruits."

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Or Tor Kor Market

For lunch, look for a vendor that sells khao man gai, a simple but wonderful dish of steamed chicken paired with aromatic rice and dipping sauce. In the evening, go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market to try a variety of street foods, including grilled sausages and fried quail eggs.

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Day 3: Discovering Thai Classic Food

Today, focus on traditional Thai meals. Begin at Krua Apsorn, a popular local eatery famed for its traditional food. Order tom yum goong, a hot and sour shrimp soup, and green curry with chicken.

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

The Green Curry 

After lunch, head to Sirocco, one of Bangkok's rooftop bars, for a stunning view of the city. Enjoy a beverage while munching on some small nibbles. For supper, visit baan suan taan for a range of traditional Thai delicacies such as pad krapow moo (stir-fried pork with basil) and tom kha gai (coconut chicken soup).

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Pad krapow moo (stir-fried pork with basil)

Day 4: Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

Today, visit some lesser-known locations. Begin with Jok Samyan, a famous spot for jok (Thai rice porridge), which is frequently served with pork and a soft-boiled egg. It's a relaxing and warm way to start the day.

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Jok Samyan - A famous spot for jok (Thai rice porridge)

For lunch, visit Eathai at Central Embassy, a food court that serves a selected range of regional Thai specialties. Try kanom jeen nam ngiao, a Northern Thai noodle meal made with pork and tomato broth.

In the evening, go on a culinary stroll through Thonglor, a hip district with a variety of restaurants. Baan Ice serves Southern Thai food, including gaeng som (sour curry) and moo hong (braised pig belly).

Day 5: Vegetarian Delights

For a change of pace, spend today exploring Bangkok's vegetarian scene. Begin at May Veggie Home, a prominent vegetarian restaurant featuring Thai and foreign cuisine. Try the vegetarian laab and pad Thai.

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Vegetarian Delights of Bangkok

For lunch, head to Broccoli Revolution, a stylish vegetarian restaurant that serves plant-based cuisine like quinoa burgers and green curry spaghetti. Finish the day with a visit to Mango Tree Bistro, which serves vegetarian Thai delicacies such as kaeng phet het (red curry with mushrooms) and tofu stir fry.

Day 6: Seafood Sensations

Today's all about seafood. Begin by visiting Somboon Seafood, a well-known restaurant that specializes in Thai seafood delicacies. Try the curry crab, which is one of Bangkok's hallmark foods.

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Seafood in Bangkok

For lunch, go to Laem Charoen Seafood, which is famed for its vast seafood cuisine. Try the steamed sea bass with lime and chile and the garlic prawns.

In the evening, visit Talay Bangkok for a seafood feast by the river. Enjoy a variety of fresh seafood, including grilled shrimp, squid, and crab. The breathtaking riverbank vista is a plus.

Day 7: A Sweet Farewell

On your last day, focus on Thai desserts and sweets. Begin by visiting After You Dessert Cafe, which is known for its exquisite shaved ice concoctions and distinctive honey toast. Try the mango sticky rice bingsu and the traditional Shibuya honey toast.

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Mango sticky rice

For lunch, go to Thong Sweet Home, a dessert restaurant that specializes in Thai sweets. Try kanom buang (crispy pancakes with sweet or savory fillings) and lod chong (green pandan noodles with coconut milk).

Foodtour 7 days in Bangkok

Thai desserts and sweets

In the evening, treat yourself to a lavish meal at Gaggan Anand, one of Bangkok's most famous fine-dining establishments, noted for its inventive Indian food with a Thai touch. Experience a multi-course tasting meal that will leave you with lasting memories.

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Some advices for a 7-day food tour in Bangkok

Taking a 7-day cuisine tour in Bangkok is an interesting and gratifying experience. To make the most of your culinary adventure, here are some crucial tips to guarantee a safe, fun, and engaging experience.

1. Stay hydrated.

Bangkok may be hot and humid, and the excellent street food might leave you thirsty. To keep hydrated, carry a reusable water bottle with you and drink lots of water throughout the day.

2. Use public transportation.

Bangkok's BTS Skytrain and MRT subway systems are useful for traveling about. Using public transit may save you time and money while allowing you to see more of the city. It also helps you avoid Bangkok's infamous traffic.

Some advices for a 7-day food tour in Bangkok

Some advices for a 7-day food tour in Bangkok

3. Respect local customs.

Thai culture places a high value on respect and courtesy. When visiting food markets and restaurants, be respectful to vendors and observe local customs, such as taking off your shoes in specific locations or bending slightly when meeting someone.

4. Be aware of dietary restrictions.

If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please mention them clearly before ordering meals. Thai food frequently includes items like shrimp, peanuts, and fish sauce, so it's important to verify your meals are safe for you

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A 7-day food tour of Bangkok was an unforgettable voyage across the city's diverse gastronomic environment. From street cuisine to upscale dining, every day was a feast of different flavors and sensations. This excursion was more than simply a cuisine tour; it was an opportunity to experience Bangkok's lively culture and friendliness. If you're thinking about taking a culinary tour in Bangkok, anticipate a mix of heritage, innovation, and warm relationships that will make each mouthful unique.

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