Tan Lac is one of the renowned tourist destinations in Hoa Binh province, Vietnam. With its majestic natural landscapes, refreshing climate, and unique cultural characteristics, coupled with the open and hospitable nature of the local residents, Tan Lac emerges as an ideal stopover for both domestic and international travelers. The area boasts stunning scenery and a cool, pristine atmosphere. The distinctive cultural practices and traditions, along with the warm hospitality of the local people, contribute to making Tan Lac a captivating destination for tourists from around the world.

Some information about Tan Lac

Tan Lac is a mountainous district located to the west of Hoa Binh province, with road connections to National Highway 1A, linking the Northwest region and the capital, Hanoi. It is renowned as one of the cradles of the Muong people, contributing to the famed cultural heritage of Hoa Binh.

Endowed with favorable natural conditions, Tan Lac possesses numerous advantages for the development of agriculture, forestry, and, notably, tourism. The tourism sector in Hoa Binh, and specifically in Tan Lac, is highly acclaimed for attractions such as Hoa Tien Cave, Flagpole Mountain, Thung Khe Pass, showcasing captivating landscapes and majestic scenery. With 58.7% of its land area covered by forests, Tan Lac boasts a plethora of scenic spots, historic sites, and remarkable archaeological relics, making it a prominent destination in the Hoa Binh tourism circuit.

Things to do and see in Tan Lac

Hoa Tien Cave

The Hoa Tien Cave is situated amidst the limestone mountain range in the Ngoi Hamlet of Ngoi Hoa Commune, Tan Lac. Approximately 1 km to the east of this historical site lies a spacious and pristine lake known locally as the Fairy Bath Lake. The local residents have chosen the most beautiful names from these two locations to christen the cave as the Hoa Tien Cave.

Inside Hoa Tien Cave

Inside Hoa Tien Cave

Upon setting foot inside the cave, visitors will be astonished by the exquisite beauty of myriad stalactites, stalagmites, and rock formations in various enchanting shapes. The rocks reflect light like sparkling stage lights, creating a sensation akin to a natural art museum.

Lung Van

Located approximately 40km from the city center of Hoa Binh, Lung Van is one of the four major and ancient cultural cradles in the land of the Muong people in Hoa Binh province.

Hilly Terrain of Lung Van

Hilly Terrain of Lung Van

Lung Van comprises majestic and overlapping mountain ranges, featuring narrow yet steep roads that pose considerable challenges. Due to its natural conditions and rugged terrain, this place is an ideal destination for those passionate about adventurous exploration of nature.

Lung Van is an ideal destination for cloud hunting

Lung Van is an ideal destination for "cloud hunting"

The most beautiful time to visit Lung Van is from after Tet (Vietnamese New Year) until April each year, when the area is shrouded in thick clouds. The clouds typically start to gather in the evening and gradually disperse in the early morning, with clear skies prevailing by midday. In Lung Van, travelers can engage in activities such as exploring and staying overnight in the traditional stilt houses of the Muong people, participating in daily routines with the locals, or joining community cultural events.

Lung Van Ecolodge

Lung Van Ecolodge is a lodging facility converted from the traditional garden of the Muong ethnic group

Lung Van Market, situated in the heart of the commune and convening weekly on Tuesdays, offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural hues of the Muong ethnic group.

Lung Van market

Lung Van Market convening weekly on Tuesdays

Ngoi Village

If you seek a quiet, peaceful place with rich cultural values, Ban Ngoi is an ideal destination. Here, visitors have the opportunity to explore the cultural life, engage in various interesting activities with the genuine and friendly Muong people, who make a living through farming, fishing, and residing in traditional stilt houses. This place is blessed with a mild climate, sheltered by limestone mountain ranges with lush greenery year-round.

Ngoi Village in Tan Lac, Hoa Binh

Come to the Ngoi Village to explore the culturally rich life of the Muong ethnic community

Trang Waterfall

Thac Trang is a natural waterfall flowing amidst picturesque terraced rice fields. On one side, there are expansive paddy fields with beautiful terraced landscapes, adorned by three cascading tiers of waterfalls, creating a mesmerizing display of frothy white water. On the opposite side, tranquil stilt houses lie peacefully at the foot of the majestic Truong Son mountain range.

Trang waterfall

Visitors can come to Thac Trang to experience the cool and clean water

In conclusion, Tan Lac is an unmissable tourist destination when visiting Hoa Binh. Upon arriving at this place, you will immerse yourself in the pristine and beautiful nature, allowing your soul to relax, far away from the modern society with its burdens and pressures.