Nestled in the Surat Thani district of southern Thailand, Khao Sok is a mesmerizing place renowned for its natural beauty and biological diversity. The focal point of this attraction is the 739 square kilometer Khao Sok National Park, which is home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world. The park is a refuge for wildlife, with its towering limestone karst structures, lush rainforests, and meandering streams. This verdant area is home to a variety of bird species, tigers, elephants, and gibbons. The magnificent Cheow Lan Lake, surrounded by limestone cliffs covered with lush vegetation, is located in the center of Khao Sok. Known also as Rajjaprabha Dam, it provides a peaceful area for boat rides, cave exploration, and quiet reflection. 

Adventurers are drawn to Khao Sok by its array of activities, which include kayaking, bird viewing, and jungle hiking. Accommodations vary from classic guesthouses to resorts nestled in the bush. Beyond its picturesque beauty, Khao Sok is a symbol of Thailand's dedication to conservation, skillfully striking a balance between tourism and environmental preservation. Discovering the balance between adventure and ecological sustainability, tourists may immerse themselves in the beauties of a pure natural environment at this site.


Khao Sok, tucked away in the southernmost part of Surat Thani province in Thailand, has an enthralling past interwoven with its ecosystems and landscapes. The region's vast cave systems and limestone karsts are the result of millennia-old geological processes that have molded the area, offering a complex tapestry of past aquatic ecosystems as a backdrop. There is evidence of human settlement dating back thousands of years, which illustrates the close relationship indigenous societies have with the rainforest's vast natural resources. Khao Sok National Park was established in 1980 and has since been a symbol of Thailand's dedication to conservation, protecting the rich biodiversity and fragile ecosystems that exist inside its boundaries. 

The park welcomes environmentally aware visitors to explore its lush rainforests, engage in sustainable tourism, and add to the continuous tale of responsible environmental management. Today, the park is a harmonic combination of history and contemporary. Geological eras, cultural legacies, and a common commitment to protecting the wonders of this historic and biodiverse terrain all contribute to the tale of Khao Sok.

Scenic spots in Khao Sok

Khao Sok is well known for its amazing natural beauty, with many picturesque locations that enthrall tourists.

Cheow Lan Lake (Rajjaprabha Dam): The centerpiece of Khao Sok, this stunning artificial lake is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs covered in lush greenery. Boating on the emerald waters provides breathtaking views of the karst formations and the pristine jungle.

Cheow Lan Lake, also known as Rajjaprabha Dam Reservoir, is a stunning artificial lake in the Khao Sok National Park

The lake is surrounded by limestone cliffs and lush rainforest

Limestone Karsts: The park is characterized by towering limestone karst formations that create a stunning and dramatic landscape. These karsts are large, irregularly shaped limestone hills or mountains with steep sides and sharp peaks. They are a distinctive feature of Khao Sok and contribute to the park's scenic beauty

These pillars contribute to the diverse and captivating scenery of Khao Sok.These pillars contribute to the diverse and captivating scenery of Khao Sok

Beautiful scenery of Limestone Karsts

Viewpoints: Various viewpoints offer panoramic vistas of the rainforest canopy and surrounding mountains. The viewpoints provide excellent opportunities for photography and contemplation. The most popular include the Viewpoint 360 and the Khao Sok Viewpoint.

Coral Cave (Tham Nam Talu): This cave is renowned for its stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations, and visitors can explore its depths with the assistance of a local guide. The cave is named after a stream that flows through it, creating a unique and atmospheric experience.

This cave is notable for its stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations, as well as a stream that flows through it

The cave is adorned with beautiful formations of stalactites


General weather in Khao Sok

Khao Sok, located in southern Thailand, experiences a tropical climate characterized by high temperatures and distinct wet and dry seasons. 

Dry Season (December to April): This period is considered the dry season, characterized by lower humidity and minimal rainfall. December through February is particularly pleasant, with cooler temperatures. Daytime temperatures during the dry season typically range from 24 to 32 degrees Celsius. This is a popular time for visitors, as the weather is relatively stable, and outdoor activities are enjoyable.

Hot Season (March to May): As the dry season progresses into March, temperatures start to rise, and humidity increases. March and April are usually the hottest months, with daytime temperatures often exceeding 35 degrees Celsius. May marks the transition to the wet season, and temperatures remain warm.

Wet Season (May to November): The wet season in Khao Sok is characterized by regular rainfall, high humidity, and lush green landscapes. Heavy showers and thunderstorms are common, particularly in the afternoons and evenings. The wet season is at its peak from June to October. During this time, the rainforest comes alive, and the water levels in rivers and waterfalls rise. While outdoor activities may be affected by rain, the landscape is vibrant and teeming with life.

Best season to go

The overall climate of Khao Sok National Park is in the tropical rainy season (also known as tropical Savanna climate) because of the impact of the Indian and Pacific Ocean monsoons. Here, the seasons are separated into two groups: the rainy season, which runs from May to December, and the dry season, which runs from January to April.

How many days should be spent in Khao Sok?

The optimal amount of time to spend in Khao Sok might vary depending on personal tastes, the activities you choose to partake in, and whether you have an adventurous or laid-back pace. It is generally advised to stay in Khao Sok for two or three days at least in order to fully appreciate the area's natural beauty and engage in a variety of activities.

Where to go, what to do in Khao Sok

Places tourists often visit

Visitors may fully immerse themselves in Khao Sok's natural treasures, from its immaculate lakes and rivers to its magnificent cliffs and vivid jungles, by exploring these picturesque locations.

Pom Pee Viewpoint: A relatively short hike leads to this scenic viewpoint, providing breathtaking views of Cheow Lan Lake and the surrounding karst formations. The journey to the viewpoint itself is a rewarding experience, passing through lush forests.

This scenic vantage point unveils awe-inspiring panoramas, treating onlookers to breathtaking views of the tranquil Cheow Lan Lake and the majestic karst formations that punctuate the landscape

A testament to the harmonious coexistence of lush landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas

Sip Et Chan Waterfall: Located within the national park, this waterfall is a serene and picturesque spot. The cascading water, surrounded by vibrant greenery, makes it a peaceful destination for nature lovers.

Nestled within the embrace of the national park, Sip Et Chan Waterfall unfolds as a serene and picturesque haven for nature enthusiasts

The beauty of untouched landscapes

Khlong Sok River: The gentle flow of the Khlong Sok River meandering through the rainforest creates a tranquil setting. Boat trips along the river offer a chance to appreciate the lush vegetation and spot wildlife along the banks.

The Khlong Sok River, with its gentle meandering through the heart of the rainforest, establishes a serene and tranquil setting within Khao Sok

Embarking on boat trips along the Khlong Sok River

Khlong Phanom National Park: Adjacent to Khao Sok, this national park features stunning landscapes, including waterfalls and diverse flora. It's a less crowded alternative for those seeking tranquility.

Khlong Phanom National Park unfolds as a hidden gem, boasting stunning landscapes and a wealth of natural wonders

Rafflesia Flower -  The biggest flower in the world

What to do, where to stay, what to eat in Khao Sok

What to do in Khao Sok 

A vast range of activities are available in Khao Sok to suit the interests of adventurers, nature lovers, and those seeking a peaceful getaway.

Jungle Trekking: Explore the lush rainforest of Khao Sok National Park on guided jungle treks. Trails vary in difficulty, offering options for both beginners and experienced hikers. You might encounter wildlife, unique plant species, and scenic viewpoints along the way.

Jungle trekking in Khao Sok National Park is a popular activity that allows visitors to explore the park's diverse ecosystems, lush rainforests, and captivating landscapes

Trekking is one of the activities that attracts tourists

Wildlife Watching: Khao Sok is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, gibbons, various bird species, and more. Join a guided wildlife-watching tour to increase your chances of spotting these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

Tubing and Canoeing: Enjoy a leisurely float down the Sok River or explore the smaller waterways on a canoe or inner tube. This allows for a more relaxed experience, taking in the scenery at a gentle pace.

Tubing and canoeing are popular water activities that provide a different perspective on natural landscapes and can be enjoyable recreational experiences

Explore the lake and its surroundings by canoe

Rock Climbing: For adventure enthusiasts, Khao Sok offers opportunities for rock climbing. Climb the limestone cliffs with the guidance of experienced instructors and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Cave Exploration: Discover the fascinating caves in Khao Sok, such as Coral Cave (Tham Nam Talu). Guided tours take you through these unique geological formations, showcasing stalactites, stalagmites, and subterranean wonders.

Elephant Experience: Visit an ethical elephant sanctuary for an opportunity to observe and interact with these gentle giants. Choose a sanctuary that focuses on the well-being of the elephants and promotes responsible tourism.

Elephant experiences can vary widely, and it's important to choose activities that prioritize the well-being and ethical treatment of elephants

Extremely interesting experience with the elephants

Bird Watching: Khao Sok is a haven for bird watchers with its rich avian diversity. Join a bird-watching tour with experienced guides who can help you spot and identify various species.

Relax and Unwind: Take time to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. Whether it's lounging by a river, reading a book in a hammock, or simply appreciating the sights and sounds of the rainforest, Khao Sok offers a peaceful retreat.

Where to stay in Khao Sok

The special thing about Khao Sok that makes any visitor here excited is that they can experience tree houses facing the jungle. There are treehouses called tarzan that are 4 meters high. To get here, you have to diligently climb the stairs and cross the lovely suspension bridge to reach the bedroom.

Treehouse accommodations in Khao Sok National Park offer a unique and immersive experience, allowing visitors to stay amidst nature and enjoy the beauty of the rainforest

Our Jungle Camp - Tree House Resort

Or more luxurious or in tents, but the interior is extremely luxurious with vintage style and a private pool and a super beautiful view of the Khao Sok mountains and forests.

You can also choose to sleep in small bungalows located on the water of Cheow Lan Lake, freely kayak, sunbathe or swim in the emerald green water of the lake.

Khao Sok National Park in Thailand offers various accommodation options, including bungalows that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the rainforest

Riverside Bungalows in Khao Sok National Park

Surely these will be unique and interesting experiences that you will never forget. Khao Sok is still a very wild place, little known, come to Khao Sok as soon as possible.

What to eat in Khao Sok

Khao Sok will typically offer a range of traditional Thai dishes

The dishes are prepared and placed in bamboo tubes

Travelers may enjoy a variety of delicious Thai meals at Khao Sok, an area not well known for its unique culinary offerings. Prominent dishes include the spicy Tom Yum Goong, a hot and sour soup flavored with shrimp, lemongrass, and lime leaves; the fragrant Green Curry (Kaeng Khiao Wan), which combines coconut milk, green chilies, and a variety of vegetables or meats; and the traditional Pad Thai, a stir-fried noodle dish with an array of proteins and crunchy components. A blast of tastes is added by the refreshing Som Tum, a spicy green papaya salad with a sweet, sour, and spicy character. Influenced by Indian cuisine, the Massaman Curry offers a distinctive combination of spices and proteins for people looking for rich and complex curries. Though the province's signature dish, Khao Soi, may make an appearance, grilled fish and delicious fried rice alternatives highlight what's available across the region. To sum up the gastronomic adventure, Khao Sok offers a complex tapestry of tastes that are enhanced by street food vendors and treats like Sticky Rice with Mango.

Some suggested brief programs

Here are a few suggested brief programs for a visit to Khao Sok, taking into account a mix of nature exploration, adventure, and relaxation

Program 1: Nature Retreat

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

Day 2: Jungle Trekking and Waterfalls

Day 3: Cheow Lan Lake Excursion

Program 2: Adventure Getaway

Day 1: Arrival and Rock Climbing

Day 2: Caving and Tubing

Day 3: Canoeing and Departure

Program 3: Wildlife and Relaxation

Day 1: Arrival and Wildlife Encounter

Day 2: Bird Watching and River Relaxation

Day 3: Waterfall Visit and Departure

Expenses for the trip 

Sightseeing tickets and tickets for entertaining cost

Entrance Fee to Khao Sok National Park: For foreign visitors, the entrance fee is typically around 300 to 400 Thai Baht per person. Thai residents often have a reduced fee.

Boat Tours on Cheow Lan Lake: Full-day boat tours on Cheow Lan Lake can range from 1,500 to 3,000 Thai Baht per person. The cost may vary based on the type of tour, duration, and inclusions like cave exploration or wildlife watching.

Jungle Trekking Tours: Guided jungle trekking tours may cost approximately 800 to 1,500 Thai Baht per person. Prices can vary based on the duration and difficulty of the trek.

Cave Exploration Tours: Tours to caves such as Coral Cave (Tham Nam Talu) may cost around 500 to 1,000 Thai Baht per person.

Wildlife Watching Tours: The cost of wildlife watching tours, which may include activities like bird watching or searching for wildlife, can range from 800 to 1,500 Thai Baht per person.

Rock Climbing Adventures: Rock climbing experiences with local guides can range from 1,500 to 3,000 Thai Baht per person.

Food and drink costs in Khao Sok

Street Food Snacks: Street food snacks, such as pad Thai, spring rolls, or grilled meats, can cost around 30 to 100 Thai Baht per item.

Local Restaurants: Meals at local Thai restaurants can range from 80 to 200 Thai Baht per dish.

Resorts and Mid-Range Restaurants: Mid-Range Restaurants: Meals at mid-range restaurants within resorts or in the Khao Sok area might range from 200 to 500 Thai Baht per person, depending on the establishment and the type of cuisine.

Fine Dining: If you opt for fine dining or specialty restaurants, prices can be higher, with main courses ranging from 500 to 1,000 Thai Baht or more.


  • Water: A bottle of water can cost around 10 to 20 Thai Baht at local shops or convenience stores.
  • Soft Drinks: Soft drinks and canned beverages are typically priced around 20 to 40 Thai Baht.
  • Fresh Coconut: Enjoying a refreshing fresh coconut might cost around 30 to 60 Thai Baht.
  • Alcoholic Drinks: The cost of alcoholic beverages can vary. Local beers may range from 50 to 100 Thai Baht, while cocktails or imported wines could be higher.

How to get there

Means to visit around Khao Sok

Car or Motorbike Rental: Renting a car or motorbike provides flexibility and independence for exploring Khao Sok and its surroundings.

Private Transfers: Arrange for private transfers through local transportation providers or tour operators. This is a convenient option, especially for longer journeys or if you prefer a more comfortable and private experience.

Boat Transfers: If you plan to explore Cheow Lan Lake, boat transfers are a common means of transportation. Resorts on the lake often arrange boat transfers for guests.

Bicycle Rentals: Renting a bicycle is a sustainable and leisurely way to explore the local area, especially if you're staying in or near Khao Sok village

Means to visit neighboring provinces from Khao Sok

Private Car or Rental Car: Renting a car or hiring a private car with a driver provides flexibility and convenience for traveling to neighboring provinces. This option is suitable for those who prefer a personalized and comfortable journey.

Public Buses: Public buses operate between towns and cities in southern Thailand. You can check the bus schedules and routes to travel to neighboring provinces. The bus station in Surat Thani is a major transportation hub.

Minivans and Songthaews: Minivans and songthaews are commonly used for short-distance travel between towns. They are a cost-effective option, but comfort may vary.

Taxis and Ride-Hailing Services: Taxis and ride-hailing services are available in some areas. Negotiate prices beforehand or use ride-hailing apps for convenience.

Domestic Flights: Consider taking domestic flights to nearby airports in neighboring provinces. Surat Thani Airport is the main airport in the region, and there are airports in Krabi and Phuket as well.

Boat Transfers: If your destination is along the coast, boat transfers may be available. This is especially relevant if you're traveling to islands or coastal towns.

Train Travel: Surat Thani has a train station, and train travel can be an interesting option for reaching other provinces. Trains are available to destinations like Bangkok and Hat Yai.


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