Located between historic Chinatown and the Central Business District, Singapore City Gallery is a three storey visitor centre which houses an enormous model replica, giving visitors a complete view of the Central Area of Singapore. It also shows the city's physical transformation past, present and future.
Formerly known as the URA Gallery, it was established in January 1999, and is currently still managed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development, whose role is to plan and facilitate Singapore's long term land use and physical development.
The Gallery aims to showcase Singapore’s physical transformation in the last 50 years to become "one of the most liveable cities in Asia." It also aims to explain how "forward-looking, long-term and integrated land use planning and partnership between private and public sectors is achieved" in Singapore. The Gallery also presents "creative solutions to balancing different competing needs, the many live, work, play opportunities planned for, extensive conservation efforts and urban design strategies to create a more distinctive Singapore."
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