The Merlion Park is one of Singapore's main tourist attractions. It is home to the mythical beast of Singapore, Merlion, which has the body of a fish and the head of a lion.
Located in the city's business district, Merlion Park covers an area of almost 2,500 square meters. Visitors will have a fantastic view of Marina Bay Sands across the water.
There are two statues of Merlion in this park. The first is 8.6 meters high and the other 2 meters high. The body of the fish represents the modest origins of the city as a fishing village. Gushing water from the mouth, Merlion statues offer a magnificent view to all spectators. These two Merlions are not the only sculptures present in this park, there are three others that can be seen at the Palace of Tourism, Mount Faber and the exotic island of Sentosa of the city.
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